The key factor to improve your business is availability of precise information at the exact time, and the ability to use it efficiently is the power yielded by Enterprise Portal & Content Management (EPC).

With Trenotion Technologies’s EPC COE, your organization can make effective use of the content /data/ information that you already have. Our emphasis is to facilitate content sharing seamlessly across your systems, content lifecycle management and assured timely updation and synchronization irrespective of content location or format.

Inefficient leveraging of information assets, lack of competitive intelligence and managing information is commonplace in today’s IT world. So just upgrading systems is passé... we provide you the added advantage of upgrading your approach to using it with our best practices ranging from the initial planning till the go-live of the project.

Our constant efforts are to keep your systems flexible enough to adapt to changing business needs and this is possible with our consulting programs. We work with all the major industry-leading technologies and platforms, including:

Microsoft SharePoint [MOSS]

  • ➢ PHP
  • ➢ Zend
  • ➢ Adobe Flex
  • ➢ Joomla
  • ➢ Drupal