The insurance sector is constantly facing unique challenges in terms of consolidation, demographic shifts,regulatory compliance and shrinking margins. Comprehending the need for a shift in business model to meet the unique demands of end customers such as online services, the insurance firms are also ensuring a unified customer experience across the diverse sales and service channels.

Trenotion Technologies provides insurance software solutions to the industry after evaluating how firmly and decisively Information Technology sits in your value proposition.

Trenotion Technologies insurance software solutions help accelerate business processes and offer real-time access to information analysis providing organizations with a special “edge” to set them apart. By combining metrics-driven processes with a mature services delivery model, we are able to deliver effective, high quality solutions and services for a wide range of insurance requirements. Our expertise allows us to provide outsourced IT consulting and software services across various lines of business including:

  • ➢ Life
  • ➢ Annuities
  • ➢ Health
  • ➢ Property and Casualty (P & C)
  • ➢ Reinsurance
  • ➢ Policy Administration
  • ➢ Health Insurance
  • ➢ Employee Benefits Administration
  • ➢ Flexible Benefit Management

The benefits that Trenotion Technologies insurance software solutions can provide are:

  • ➢ Fast time-to-market - Parameter-based setup of new insurance products and regulatory environment changes
  • ➢ Improved distribution and channel management - With multi-company, multi-branding, multi-currency, and multi-lingual capabilities
  • ➢ Increased efficiency - A single end-to-end solution that manages all insurance products, globally
  • ➢ Easy maintenance & integration - Full SOA component-based packaged software, structured as core/country/customer layers