Business Intelligence (BI) is defined as a decision support process that involves identifying, extracting, and analyzing business data and its conversion to condensed reports on the basis of business actions, enabling management to take apt business decisions.

Currently, most market applications process the same data for different business processes, causing data duplication, redundancy, and increased maintenance costs. Trenotion Technologies’s unique BI services help change this interminable cycle in your organization.

Your organization’s current and future growth initiatives revolve around a focal point called Decisive Information. Trenotion Technologies’s Business Intelligence services offer clarity and insight into your own products, services, customers and market initiatives which are necessary for maximum effectiveness and business benefit for your organization.

Our COE aims at industry-fit solutions, as relevant information from projects executed is extracted, current technology trends are identified providing thought leadership to your entire organization. This “raw data” is converted into "knowledge" which your enterprise can use to facilitate strategic, tactical, and operational methodologies, and deliver superior business results while gaining a strategic edge over competition. Trenotion Technologies supports these emergent information needs by offering a wide range of cost-effective services which include:

  • ✓ Data Integration
  • ✓ BI Reporting and Analytics
  • ✓ BI consultation
  • ✓ Product Engineering