The agricultural industry consists of a diverse group which includes grain farms, feed mills, nurseries, cattle ranches and dairy. This variety creates an exceptional set of functional requirements that are unavailable in the typical ERP solution.

A potential agricultural ERP solution has to consider the functional criteria set unique to this industry. Focus on agricultural specific features, seamless integration, eye for detail differentiate Trenotion Technologies ERP software solution from others. It is targeted towards providing measurable results and swift return on investment.

Business Needs

The agricultural industry usually has to deal with volatile and inevitable weather patterns, clubbed with the inventory requirements which are seasonal adding to the irregularity of the business planning. Agro-based businesses require ERP solutions that cater to these specifications of farm and feed industry. Trenotion Technologies provides an advanced, comprehensive multi-user ERP solution which be altered accordingly to suit small, medium to large sized farms.

Our Competency

Trenotion Technologies through research and immense industry experience has empowered us to provide a tailor-made, end-to-end solution which minimizes the efforts in farm management and increases efficiency. Our solution offerings help in decision making and cost optimization leading to a beneficial and sustainable architecture. Our ERP solution is packed with a plethora of agricultural specific modules such as:

  • ➢ Finance
  • ➢ Purchase
  • ➢ Sales
  • ➢ Inventory
  • ➢ Product Catalogue
  • ➢ Service
  • ➢ Payroll
  • ➢ Office Administration
  • ➢ Sales Force

The system is also built with management dashboard for quick view on daily activities & management alerts and major fnctionalities of the application were built-in with workflow process for approval requests.

Application/Uses areas

Trenotion Technologies intense review and complete understanding of the agricultural domain’s functional requirements is the key to developing a rapidly deployable and easily configurable agricultural ERP solution package. It is a simple yet powerful one point integrated platform that brings together all the main requisites of an agricultural ERP. This ERP solution finds its uses in the following areas:

  • ➢ Organic produce growers
  • ➢ Seeds, fertilizers, agrochemicals industries
  • ➢ Agriculture Research and Development departments
  • ➢ Individual agriculturalists
  • ➢ Contact farming agencies and consultants
  • ➢ Government Agencies

Our advanced solutions are of utmost importance for customers and suppliers in order to have accurate, up-to-date information to revolutionize the agricultural sector.